International Napoleonic Virtual Congress 2021 – August 13th/14th/15th & 22nd/23rd

The Napoleon Society of Ireland is delighted to announce that the International Napoleonic Society annual congress will happen as a virtual event this year.

Three of the four Irish Fellows of the International Napoleonic Society, Derek Byrne, Cormac Finn O’Brien and Dr. Sylvie Kleinman will speak at the congress.

The Programme is as follows;

Friday 13th of August

10:15 Opening Remarks by Presidents Edna Markham, FINS, and J. David Markham, FINS

10:30 Peter Hicks, FINS, France, New Research on Witnesses of Napoleon at St Helena

11:00 Rafe Blaufarb, FINS, USA, Nationalized Properties and the Politics of State Finance During the First Year of the Revolution

11:30 William Chew, FINS, Belgium, Middle-Class Romanticism and American Exceptionalism: Washington Irving in France, 1804-1805

12:00 Paul Chamberlain, FINS, UK, A Traitorous Correspondence: General Edouard Simon and the Conspirators of Odiham

12:30 Doina Harsanyi, FINS, USA, Criminal Justice and Legitimacy in Occupied Lands

1:00 Tatiana Kosykh, Russian Federation, French Occupation of Andalucia 1810-1812 through the eyes of the British soldiers

1:30 Michael Wenzel, FINS, Austria, After Aspern/Essling and Wagram: The 40 Military Hospitals in Vienna under French Occupation in 1809

2:00 Alexander Mikaberidze, FINS, USA, The Eclipse of Austerlitz: The Allied Headquarters on the Eve of the Battle of Austerlitz

Saturday, 14 August

10:00 Jan Bosteels, FINS, Belgium, The Lotus Flower and the Palm Tree: the Parallel Lives and Work of Baron Antoine Dubois and Baron Dominique Larrey

10:30 Jérome Beaucour, FINS, France, Recent Results of Archaeological Research on the Site of the Bérézina Crossing in 1812 by Napoleon’s Army

11:00 – Margaret Rodenberg, USA, Michelle Cameron, USA, and Sandra Gulland,

11.30 Canada in a panel: Napoleon in Fiction: Jews, Blacks, Women, and Muslims

12:00 David Serero, France/USA, Performing Napoleon on Theatrical Stages

12:30 Jonas De Neef, FINS, Belgium, Remembering Armand de Caulaincourt: The Ethics of a French Diplomat (1807-1813)

1:00 Cormac O’Brien, FINS, Ireland, Napoleon, the Pope and the Canova Casts

Sunday, 15 August

10:30 Alasdair White, FINS, Belgium, Why St Helena, Why Not the Yardarm?

11:00 Jeanne Ruderman, FINS, USA, In His Own Words: Napoleon’s Thoughts on St Helena

11:30 Marian Hochel, FINS, Czech Republic, Empire Style between Art and Propaganda? Reflections on the Napoleon’s Imperial Representation on the 200th Anniversary of His Death

12:00 Luke Dalla Bona, FINS, Ecuador, St Helena Items in the Collection of the Muséo Napoleonico in Havana, Cuba

12:30 Glenda Pérez, FINS, Spain, Twenty Faces of the Eagle: The Napoleonic Image in the Painting Collection of the Napoleonic Museum of Havana

1:00 J. David Markham, FINS, Canada, St Helena, Death and Legend Items in the David Markham Collection

1:30 Betje Klier, FINS, USA, Hippolyte Bellangé’s Quintessential and Enduring Role in Illustrating the Napoleonic Myth: Two Deification Images

2:00 Wayne Hanley, FINS, USA, Napoleon’s Expressed Opinions on His Marshals While on St Helena

Saturday 21 August

10:30 Terry Crowdy, UK, Napoleon’s Women Camp Followers

11:00 Andrey Mitrofanov, Russian Federation, The Barbet Movement in the Times of the French Revolution (1792-1802)

11:30 Erik Lewis, USA, ‘Sans pain:’ The Emigration of Citoyenne Cazeneuve, veuve Beaufort

12:00 Victoria Verchenkova, Russian Federation, Strangers Among Their Own: The Conflicts of the British and Spaniards During the Defense of Toulon in 1793

1:00 Ferdi Wöber, FINS, Austria, The Altenburg Peace Conference from August 18 to September 26, 1809: A Report Day by Day

1:30 Matej Čapo, FINS, Slovakia, Napoleonic Wars in the Historical Memory of Bratislava

2:00 Mark Billings, FINS, Canada, Napoleon: The Young Revolutionary

Sunday 22 August

10:00 Chris Danziger, UK, The Last Souvenir of St Helena: Napoleon’s Death Mask

10:30 Ivane Menteshashvili, FINS, Republic of Georgia, Born of Revolution

11:00 Xavier Riaud, FINS, France, Napoleon Was Just a Man: His Diseases

11:30 Derek Byrne, FINS, Ireland, Napoleon and the Irish Patriots He Inspired: 1798-1916

12:00 Sylvie Kleinman, Ireland, Maker of a Modern State? France and Ireland in 1815, comparative perspectives on the Napoleonic legacy

12:30 Nicolas Stark, FINS, USA, Trampling Shamrocks: Violence & the French Invasion of Ireland, 1798

1:00 Alexander Grab, FINS, USA, State and Society in Napoleonic Italy

1:30 Kevin Rodriguez, USA, Between Three Eagles: A Personal Perspective on the Influence of the Napoleonic Legacy on Mexico and the United States of America

2:00 Closing Remark

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