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International Napoleonic Virtual Congress 2021 – August 13th/14th/15th & 22nd/23rd

The Napoleon Society of Ireland is delighted to announce that the International Napoleonic Society annual congress will happen as a virtual event this year.

Three of the four Irish Fellows of the International Napoleonic Society, Derek Byrne, Cormac Finn O’Brien and Dr. Sylvie Kleinman will speak at the congress.

The Programme is as follows;

Friday 13th of August

10:15 Opening Remarks by Presidents Edna Markham, FINS, and J. David Markham, FINS

10:30 Peter Hicks, FINS, France, New Research on Witnesses of Napoleon at St Helena

11:00 Rafe Blaufarb, FINS, USA, Nationalized Properties and the Politics of State Finance During the First Year of the Revolution

11:30 William Chew, FINS, Belgium, Middle-Class Romanticism and American Exceptionalism: Washington Irving in France, 1804-1805

12:00 Paul Chamberlain, FINS, UK, A Traitorous Correspondence: General Edouard Simon and the Conspirators of Odiham

12:30 Doina Harsanyi, FINS, USA, Criminal Justice and Legitimacy in Occupied Lands

1:00 Tatiana Kosykh, Russian Federation, French Occupation of Andalucia 1810-1812 through the eyes of the British soldiers

1:30 Michael Wenzel, FINS, Austria, After Aspern/Essling and Wagram: The 40 Military Hospitals in Vienna under French Occupation in 1809

2:00 Alexander Mikaberidze, FINS, USA, The Eclipse of Austerlitz: The Allied Headquarters on the Eve of the Battle of Austerlitz

Saturday, 14 August

10:00 Jan Bosteels, FINS, Belgium, The Lotus Flower and the Palm Tree: the Parallel Lives and Work of Baron Antoine Dubois and Baron Dominique Larrey

10:30 Jérome Beaucour, FINS, France, Recent Results of Archaeological Research on the Site of the Bérézina Crossing in 1812 by Napoleon’s Army

11:00 – Margaret Rodenberg, USA, Michelle Cameron, USA, and Sandra Gulland,

11.30 Canada in a panel: Napoleon in Fiction: Jews, Blacks, Women, and Muslims

12:00 David Serero, France/USA, Performing Napoleon on Theatrical Stages

12:30 Jonas De Neef, FINS, Belgium, Remembering Armand de Caulaincourt: The Ethics of a French Diplomat (1807-1813)

1:00 Cormac O’Brien, FINS, Ireland, Napoleon, the Pope and the Canova Casts

Sunday, 15 August

10:30 Alasdair White, FINS, Belgium, Why St Helena, Why Not the Yardarm?

11:00 Jeanne Ruderman, FINS, USA, In His Own Words: Napoleon’s Thoughts on St Helena

11:30 Marian Hochel, FINS, Czech Republic, Empire Style between Art and Propaganda? Reflections on the Napoleon’s Imperial Representation on the 200th Anniversary of His Death

12:00 Luke Dalla Bona, FINS, Ecuador, St Helena Items in the Collection of the Muséo Napoleonico in Havana, Cuba

12:30 Glenda Pérez, FINS, Spain, Twenty Faces of the Eagle: The Napoleonic Image in the Painting Collection of the Napoleonic Museum of Havana

1:00 J. David Markham, FINS, Canada, St Helena, Death and Legend Items in the David Markham Collection

1:30 Betje Klier, FINS, USA, Hippolyte Bellangé’s Quintessential and Enduring Role in Illustrating the Napoleonic Myth: Two Deification Images

2:00 Wayne Hanley, FINS, USA, Napoleon’s Expressed Opinions on His Marshals While on St Helena

Saturday 21 August

10:30 Terry Crowdy, UK, Napoleon’s Women Camp Followers

11:00 Andrey Mitrofanov, Russian Federation, The Barbet Movement in the Times of the French Revolution (1792-1802)

11:30 Erik Lewis, USA, ‘Sans pain:’ The Emigration of Citoyenne Cazeneuve, veuve Beaufort

12:00 Victoria Verchenkova, Russian Federation, Strangers Among Their Own: The Conflicts of the British and Spaniards During the Defense of Toulon in 1793

1:00 Ferdi Wöber, FINS, Austria, The Altenburg Peace Conference from August 18 to September 26, 1809: A Report Day by Day

1:30 Matej Čapo, FINS, Slovakia, Napoleonic Wars in the Historical Memory of Bratislava

2:00 Mark Billings, FINS, Canada, Napoleon: The Young Revolutionary

Sunday 22 August

10:00 Chris Danziger, UK, The Last Souvenir of St Helena: Napoleon’s Death Mask

10:30 Ivane Menteshashvili, FINS, Republic of Georgia, Born of Revolution

11:00 Xavier Riaud, FINS, France, Napoleon Was Just a Man: His Diseases

11:30 Derek Byrne, FINS, Ireland, Napoleon and the Irish Patriots He Inspired: 1798-1916

12:00 Sylvie Kleinman, Ireland, Maker of a Modern State? France and Ireland in 1815, comparative perspectives on the Napoleonic legacy

12:30 Nicolas Stark, FINS, USA, Trampling Shamrocks: Violence & the French Invasion of Ireland, 1798

1:00 Alexander Grab, FINS, USA, State and Society in Napoleonic Italy

1:30 Kevin Rodriguez, USA, Between Three Eagles: A Personal Perspective on the Influence of the Napoleonic Legacy on Mexico and the United States of America

2:00 Closing Remark

International Napoleonic Congress goes online for 2021

The Napoleonic Historical Society
Are Proud to Announce a
Virtual Joint International Napoleonic Congress
13-15 August 2021
Additional Dates to be Added as Required

Join Fellows and Members of both great Napoleonic historical organizations for what promises to be a fantastic opportunity to hear distinguished speakers from around the world, all in the safety and comfort of your own home!

Call For Papers

We invite you to submit a proposal for a paper that you would like to submit. Talks are generally limited to 20 minutes. While the conference has a theme, we will consider papers on any Napoleonic or French Revolutionary topic. Please submit your proposals via email to:
The deadline for submission is 16 July 2021.

We already have a very distinguished group of presenters lined up. Headliners include:

Rafe Blaufarb, Director of the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution at Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Peter Hicks, Manager of International Affairs, Fondation Napoléon, Paris, France

Margaret Rodenberg, Author of the best-selling novel, Finding Napoleon; A Novel, and Secretary of the NHS, Reston, VA, USA

Alexander Mikaberidze, author of The Napoleonic Wars: A Global History. Professor of History and Curator, the James Smith Noel Collection, Louisiana State University in Shreveport, LA, USA
Since the basic theme of this congress relates to the bicentennial of Napoleon’s death, on August 15th we will have two very special presentations related to Napoleon’s time on St Helena, his death, and his legend/legacy.

Luke Dalla Bona, is a Canadian archaeologist who has a long association with the Muséo Napoleonico in Havana, Cuba, and is producing a magnificent catalogue of its collection. He will show and discuss items from that museum that were with Napoleon during his exile on St Helena. Luke lives and does archaeological work in Puerto López, Ecuador.

J. David Markham, President of the INS who has organized two Napoleonic conferences at the museum in Havana and has written a forward for Luke’s book, is also known for his very large collection, The David Markham Collection, which has been featured in several museum exhibitions. David will show and discuss items from his collection that reflect what people of the time had to remind them of Napoleon’s fate and legend.
We are pleased to have an all-star lineup to further enhance the program. We are very happy to have accepted excellent paper proposals from Derek Byrne of Ireland, Glenda Pérez of Spain, Jonas De Neef, Alasdair White and Bill Chew of Belgium, Matej Čapo of Slovakia, Allon Klebanoff of Israel and Wayne Hanley and Mike DeFeudis of the USA.

We would love to add your name to this list!

J. David Markham
President, International Napoleonic Society

Edna Markham
President, Napoleonic Historical Society

International Napoleonic Society Scholarship


Dear Fellows of the International Napoleonic Society,

I am very pleased to send you the tenth issue of our international academic journal, Napoleonic Scholarship. We have a wide range of excellent articles. All articles were peer reviewed and meet the high standards set by the INS. To reflect that academic excellence, we have received an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) for our journal. For the print version it is 2563-8793 and for the online version it is 2563-8807. This should make it easier for international academic scholars to receive credit for their published papers.

In this email you will find a link that will take you to the PDF version of the journal. From there, you can either read it online or download it as a PDF file. Each listing in the table of contents is a link that will take you directly to that article. (Please note that this is not the case for the table of contents in this email).

As always, I thank our Editor-in-Chief, Wayne Hanley, and our Production Editor, Edna Markham, for their outstanding work in producing this outstanding journal.

This has been a difficult year on several fronts. Of course, the worldwide COVID pandemic has made in-person conferences difficult, even impossible. As the problem is continuing, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel our planned 2021 Congress in Athens, Greece. Instead, we will have a virtual Congress sometime this summer that will concentrate on Napoleon’s time on St Helena, his death, and the legacy and legend that followed him. We hope that many of you will choose to participate. There will be no charge for the Congress, and we may even have a virtual happy hour! You will receive further details in the near future. I am also very pleased to say that our 2022 Congress in Cork, Ireland, is moving ahead and we have every expectation that it will be an outstanding Congress!

As you know, the Weider family withdrew its financial support for the INS, offering no reason or explanation despite my repeated efforts to contact them. This has put the INS in a significantly difficult financial condition. Indeed, the long-term future of the INS is in at least some doubt. While we will charge for future in-person Congresses and excursions, the fact is that we need some significant donations if we are to function properly. There are administrative expenses that must be paid over and above expenses of the Congresses. Therefore, I am asking any of our Fellows with significant financial ability to please consider making a significant donation so that we can move forward as we would all like.

With my very best Napoleonic regards,

J. David Markham, President
Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques
Download the 2019-2020 INS Journal Here

Table of Contents
Napoleonic Scholarship 2019 – 2020

J. David Markham, ‘The Die is Now Cast:’ The Route Napoleon
Susan Jaques, ‘A Great Moral Lesson’: Art Restitution and the Musée Napoléon
Marian Hochel, Napoleonic Memorabilia (Napoleonics) in the House of Blücher: “Hero of the Day” the Field Marshal Blücher and Napoleon´s Carriage from Waterloo at Raduň Chateau
Nataliya Tanshina, Napoleon’s Sarcophagus Made of ‘Russian Porphyry’
Paul van Lunteren, Metternich’s Delicate Dance of 1813: Diplomacy Between Eagles
Gilles Bertrand, Daniello Berlinghieri and the Hundred Days: Italian Diplomat at the Congress of Vienna
Peter Hicks, The Austrian Diplomat Baron von Stürmer and his Brush with Napoleon and Napoleonists
Doina Pasca Harsanyi, The Voice of Duty: Collaboration and Ideology in Napoleonic Italy (Parma–Piacenza 1805-1810)
Tatiana A. Kosykh, The British View of the French Occupation of Spain and Portugal, 1807-1814
John H. Gill, Combat Performance at the End of Alliance: The Hessian–Darmstadt Contingent in 1813
Agnieszka Fulińska, The Flight of the Eagle—But What about the Eaglet?
Xavier Riaud, Healthcare Reforms under the Empire
Liudmila Sakharova, The Silent Witnesses of Napoleon’s Abdication
Wayne Hanley, Marshal Ney: From Abdication to the Eve of Waterloo—Buyer’s Remorse?
J. David Markham, Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes académiques

Copyright © 2021 International Napoleonic Society, All rights reserved.

Mailing Address:
J. David Markham, President
International Napoleonic Society
Suite 3315 – 81 Navy Wharf Crt.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5V 3S2

Examiner article on International Congress in Cork 2022

It was wonderful to see an interview with VP Cormac Finn O’Brien in yesterdays Irish Examiner about the International Napoleonic Congress in Cork in July next year which is being hosted by the NSI.

Well done to Cormac for all the hard work he is doing on what promises to be a world class event. Please see the link below to the article.

Derek Byrne

Today we celebrate the 251st anniversary of the birth of Napoleon

As President of the Napoleon Society of Ireland, I will be celebrating the 251st anniversary of the birth of Napoleon with Board member Robert Lee Mulcahy and two other fellow Napoleon enthusiasts.

The evening will, no doubt include many stories about Napoleonic history and exchanges of information about the life and times of Napoleon.

Wishing all our members and friends the very best on this special day.


Derek Byrne, FINS,

President NSI

Napoleon Society of Ireland to host International Napoleonic Congress 2022 in Cork!

On the 205th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and on behalf of the Napoleon Society of Ireland and the International Napoleonic Society, I am pleased to announce that Cork City has been selected as the Host for the International Napoleonic society conference in 2022.
This is a historic year for the NSI as we will be celebrating our tenth anniversary. The NSI is particularly  honoured to be chosen as this is the second time Ireland has hosted the INS Congress having hosted the 2016 event at the Stephen’s Green Club in Dublin.
Also on a point of Irish History 2022 will be the 100th year of the signing of the British/Irish treaty, a major milestone in Irish history as it will officially mark 100 years of Ireland being an independent entity from the UK.
Cork has a many connections to the Napoleonic story from the Bantry Bay invasion to the Burial of Dr Verhling.
We look forward to welcoming you to Cork City in 2022.
Below is the link of the video that won us the bid to host the 2022 International Napoleonic Congress in Cork City.
Cuirimid fáilte roimh go dti Chathair Chorcaí i 2022.

Cormac Finn O’Brien – Vice-President, Napoleon Society of Ireland.

Announcement of New Board

Dear Members and Friends,

We are pleased to announce the new Board of the Napoleon Society of Ireland.

In 2019 we welcomed Cormac Finn O’Brien as our Vice President and we now welcome Keith Brady as Secretary/Treasurer as well as long time members Robert Lee Mulcahy and Anne Farrelly.

With exciting times ahead leading up to the 10th anniversary of the Napoleon Society of Ireland in 2022, it is wonderful to have such an experienced and dedicated team.

With all good wishes for a happy Easter, we hope our members and friends are staying safe and well in these testing times.


Derek Byrne – President NSI

President of NSI – Derek Byrne – in Bid for Irish Senate

I would like to ask all our members and friends to support me in my bid for Seanad Eireann – the Irish Senate.

It has long been my ambition to sit alongside our Patron Senator David Norris in the upper house.

I am running on the Dublin University (Trinity College Dublin) panel and only TCD graduates can vote.

The deadline for the postal ballot is 11am on the 31st of March.

Please spread the word to any TCD graduates you know and ask them to give me their number 1 vote.

Thank you


250th anniversary of the birth of Napoleon Bonaparte celebrated on National Radio

Today marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Napoleon Bonaparte. The event will be celebrated with the appearance of NSI President Derek Byrne FINS on The Hard Shoulder with Ivan Yeats on Newstalk 106-108FM later today.

Tune in to hear Derek talk about the Napoleon Society of Ireland and his family’s connections to the Emperor and their role in the 1798 and  1803 rebellions.

Appointment of New Vice-President

The Napoleon Society of Ireland is delighted to announce the appointment of Cormac Finn O’Broin FINS as Vice-President of the Napoleon Society of Ireland.

Cormac is a keen Napoleon enthusiast and has spoken at the 2017 and 2018 International Napoleonic Congresses. He was awarded the Fellowship of the International Napoleonic Society in 2017 for his paper on Napoleon’s horse Marengo and his associations with Cork.

Cormac will be representing the Napoleon Society of Ireland in Grenoble this coming July.

On behalf of our Patron and all our members, I would like to thank Cormac for taking on the role of Vice-President of the Napoleon Society of Ireland and helping us to secure the future of the organisation for some time to come.

Details of our plans to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Napoleon in August will be announced soon.


Derek Byrne FINS – President.

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